The pollution (Amandine P)


The environment is very important for us and for our children later. And I think there are solutions that the people and the politicians must find. They have the responsibility of to reduce  the pollution because there is a lot of pollution nowadays!!

To begin with, all the mayors must put differents dustbins for to recycle the paper, the glass and they must put the sorting out in all the towns. And that all citizens respect the sorting out.

What's more, the government and the cars industries bosses must reduce the prices of the unleaded gas vehicles and the electric cars so that the people buy more and more of those cars so they will pollute less and less! They must increase the prices of petrol cars.

In each town, we must put more and more public transports for examples bus, trams. But, public transports mustn't expensive.If a number of people do the same journey and they know each other must share up the cars.

As a conclusion, here are some solutions that will be promising for the environment.


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