The pollution (by Antonio)


Nowadays, the pollution is a high danger for the environment.


        First, there is pollution of  the air.

The car pollution with gas causes asthma.

In the factories, there are green-house effect gases.

above , a green-house effect gas.


        Then, there is a pollution creates a danger for the animals.

The boats pollute the sea and the fish and the sea birds die.

   A sea bird  dieing because of the petrol.


The atmosphere is polluted and the animals and the people have diseases for example cancers.

        Finally, there is  the pollution created by the people.

If the people recycled plastic, glass...there would be less and less pollution.

        Moreover, if the people didn't dump there waste in the wood, there would be no pollution.

        As a conclusion, because of the pollution, the environment is  damage .

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