Pollution (by Julien)


To begin with , the pollution is a real problem .

If there is more and more pollution , the future generations will die faster and faster.

The pollution has started a long time ago .

Then , if there is not a reaction , the planet will be less and less tolerable for people.

The pollution has been more and more important because ,for you it is not a danger for the planet.

In the shops , there are less and less plastic bags but nowadays there are still n some .

Nowadays the cars are very polluting because gasoline is polluting .

Moreover if there were less and less cars , the earth pollution would less important .

If the recycling didn't exist , the waste would be discharged in the dumps .

Moreover if the boats contaminated less and less the oceans , the water ppollution. would be less and less important .

Finally we have to react because the world will be more and more in danger .

As a conclusion , the pollution is a real danger for the planet .






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