(après toute une séquence consacrée à la poésie et notamment l'étude de "A funeral poem" de Auden , les élèves ont écrit un poème à propos d'une personne qu'ils admirent)

I had wanted to work on poetry for a while, but I was almost sure that my pupils would not enjoy reading photocopies or books! As we've had a
brand new computer room with 25 PCs with microphones, headphones for a couple of weeks, I started considering a serious work on prosody, versification, rhymes, alliterations... etc for my Year Four class. I had come across "The Chaos" (you can read it at http://www.learnenglish.de/EZine/Joke3.htm but that's not where I found it originally) and I had a recorded version of the poem .

So, to start with, I had my pupils listen to "The Chaos" and notice that pronounciation is not obvious! Neither is spelling! I wanted to
have them think about phonetics and I asked them to try and find the phonetic transcriptions of some words (http://dictionary.cambridge.org/) and to use PhonMap (http://phonmap.com/) to write them down.

 That's when they started asking me how the symbols were organized on the PhonMap keyboard! They couldn't see any logic... and seemed quite curious... curious enough to learn a bit of theory, actually. I worked on the idea and produced a two hours- lesson on Phonetics (http://alynepiazza.neuf.fr/phonetics/indexph.htm) My idea was to get them used to listening to words, playing with sounds in order to dare write a poem later.

Then, they studied W.H. Auden's poem "Stop all the clocks": first they worked on understanding the recording of the poem by an actor (in
"Four Weddings and a funeral") and then, read the poem (http://alynepiazza.neuf.fr/wee_web_work/stop_all_the_clocks/index.htm)

After that, they were quite ready to accept that poetry may come from words... and words come up quite naturally when you concentrate on the
sounds rather than on meanings. I started a writing workshop and asked them to write a poem about someone they love or admire. After some
re-writing and correcting, they were ready to recite their poems and to record them. When their oral productions are corrected, they'll be
online with the poems and drawings they did .

Vous pouvez leur laisser vos impressions: mailto:miss.piazza@gmail.com

Amandine D.

Amandine P.

Antonio (read and listen to his poem)


Sonia (read and listen to her poem)

Vanessa (read and listen to her poem)