As you like it.

A five-act comedy written and performed about 1599.

            The play has two principal settings: the court that Frederik has usurped from his brother, the legitimate Duke, and the forest of Arden, where the Duke and his followers are living.

            Rosalind, the Duke’s daughter, who is still at court, falls in love with Orlando. Orlando’s hateful brother, Oliver, causes him to flee to Arden also. When Frederik learns that Orlando’s father is the Duke’s friend, he banishes Rosalind too. To protect herself, Rosalind disguises as a young man (Ganymede) and so does her cousin Celia. Then, she meets Orlando in Arden and she decides to test his love by questioning him.

            Meanwhile, Oliver appears at the forest court intending to kill his brother Orlando, but Orlando saves him from a lioness. Oliver feels thankful and remorseful. He falls in love with Celia.

            In the end, Frederik repents and the Duke’s exile ends. When the two girls' true identities are revealed, a mass wedding ceremony is organized: Orlando marries Rosalind and Oliver marries Celia.


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