Shakespeare's marriage and children

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Shakespeare's marriage is as mysterious as his birth: two marriage licenses were issued  on November 27th and November 28th, 1582. The first one mentioned Anne Whatelay and the second one Anne Hathaway. There are three possible explanations: 

Bien que les circonstances du mariage soient floues, on sait que Shakespeare Úpousa Anne Hathaway qui Útait alors enceinte.

Their first child was Susanna, christened on May 26th, 1583, and twins arrived in January 1585. They were baptized on February 2nd of that year and named Hamnet and  Judith. Hamnet Shakespeare died of an unknown cause on August 11th, 1596, at the age of eleven. At that time Shakespeare already lived in  London and we do not know if he was present at Hamnet's funeral in Stratford. But he was very moved and wrote several poems to honor the memory of his son.

Alors qu'il ne vivait plus Ó Stratford avec Anne et ses enfants, Shakespeare perdit son fils Hamnet et en fut bouleversÚ