Shakespeare as an actor and a playwright

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We know very little about the seven years of Shakespeare's life in which he must have been learning how to act and collecting ideas for his future plays.

We don't know how Shakespeare first started his career in the theatre. We only know that  he was already a respected player in London by the end of 1595.

On ignore comment Shakespeare est devenu acteur et quand il s'est mis à écrire des pièces.

The turning point in Shakespeare's career came in 1593. The theatres  closed in 1592 because of the plague and Shakespeare wrote non-dramatic poetry. His poem "Venus and Adonis"  caught the attention of the Earl of Southampton who  became his patron. It was published on April 18, 1593.

Il fut d'abord remarqué pour son poème "Vénus et Adonis", qui fut sa première oeuvre publiée.

Shakespeare returned to the theatre in 1594, and became a leading member of the Lord Chamberlain's Men.  As payment for their performance the actors each received 10 pounds. During his time  Shakespeare wrote many plays, including "Romeo and Juliet", "Richard II", "King John", and "Love's Labour's Lost". The Chamberlain's Men, played at  the Swan, the Curtain, and the Theatre. The troupe also gave regular performances before Elizabeth I and her court.

Il fut l'un des principaux acteurs et auteurs de la troupe du Lord Chamberlain, se produisant dans tous les théâtres de Londres et à la cour.