The taming of the shrew.

A comedy in five acts, produced around 1593.

Edward Robert Hughes. The Shrew Katherina, 1898

            The play describes the courtship between the shrewish Katerine and the canny Petrucchio. Petrucchio is determined to subdue Katerine’s legendary temper and to win her dowry.

            Although Katerine repeatedly insults Petrucchio, he woos, flatters and convinces her to marry him by insisting that she is actually gentle and patient.

            After their marriage, he becomes a tyrant: he prevents her from eating and sleeping, he throws away her fancy clothes. Katerine is finally tamed and becomes nice and obedient.

            In the final scene, Petrucchio proves that his wife is the most obedient woman after she has given a speech demonstrating the virtues of wifely subsurvience.

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